Official AFL Jumper Number

Product Description

This item is number only. It does NOT include heat application. The buyer needs to apply the number per instructions below.

This item is available in BLACK and WHITE color only. Other colors are not available at this stage. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Official AFL Jumper Number - with AFL logo. Get your favorite players number printed on the back of your jumper
  • Various colors to match your jumper
  • Large size, 250mm height, for mens jumper and small size, 200mm height, for boys and baby jumper
  • You pick the jumper and digit(s). We help pick the color(black or whitle only) and size according to your jumper



  • Please advice the digits(s), which team jumper it is for, and adults or kids jumper it is for in checkout comment
  • Price is per digit. If you need more than one number, please select proper quantity


    • To apply please do so using a pneumatic press that heats from above (most Dry Cleaners will be able to assist), not suitable for hand held / domestic irons as they do not get to the required temperature.
    • Application Temperature: 150oC
    • Pressure: 4.5 Bar
    • Dwelling Time: 15 Sec
    • Peel: Cold
    $7.95 inc GST(10%)

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